Selected Publications:


M. Benveniste authored Chap. 3, in Emerging Technologies in Wireless LANs: Theory, Design, and Deployment, (B. Bing, ed.), Cambridge University Press
"ABSTRACTWith both the enterprise and residential sectors embracing voice over IP (VoIP) at an accelerating pace, and the pervasive use of wireless local area networks (WLANs), the natural requirement emerged for a technology to support VoIP over WLANs without degradation of its quality of service (QoS). QoS requirements for WLANs are imposed also by video and multimedia applications tailored for use with WLANs. A QoS-focused MAC Layer standard, IEEE 802.11e, was developed to meet the QoS requirements of a range of applications. In addition to VoIP/ multimedia QoS, the new standard serves mission-critical functions by reducing latency across a WLAN. This chapter discusses the enhancements the new standard adds to WLAN technology with respect to QoS performance, channel use efficiency, and power management of battery-based wireless devices." Document (pdf)

A Distributed QoS MAC Protocol for Wireless Mesh 

Best Paper Award at Mesh 2008, Cap Esterel, France, August 2008, received by M. Benveniste            

"ABSTRACT.  Abundant hidden node collisions and correlated channel access due to multi-hop flows degrade QoS in wireless mesh networks. QoS in nearby WLANs operating on a single channel is also affected. We propose using wider contention windows for backoff to lower the risk of repeated hidden-node collisions, a spatial extension of the TXOP concept called 'express forwarding' to clear multi-hop flows sooner, and a new mechanism called 'express re-transmission' to reduce collisions on retransmission. Simulation results show the potential benefit of the proposed enhancements and impact on fairness...Document (pdf)