Mathilde Benveniste is the founder and principal of En-aerion. A systems analyst with broad experience in Wi-Fi and cellular systems design and optimization, she specializes in protocol/algorithm design and performance evaluation. She has been active in the IEEE 802.11 WG and the IEEE Standards Association. She has authored more than 50 standards contributions.

Dr. Benveniste has extensive industrial research experience, having worked at Bell Labs, AT&T Labs, Avaya Labs - Research, and InterDigital Communications . She holds 105 patents. In 2008, she was named Avaya's most prolific inventor.

She has published technical papers on network planning, radio resources management, traffic engineering, WLAN QoS and medium access technology, and wireless mesh performance. She has co-authored a text on WLAN technology. Her professional activities include publication and presentation of technical papers and participation in program committees of professional conferences. She has been a sought-after expert speaker/author on WLAN technology.

Dr. Benveniste holds a Ph.D. in Systems Analysis and an M.S.E. in Operations Research, both from the Johns Hopkins University. Her undergraduate degree is in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania.